freeebsd to hardenedbsd update

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  1. cd /tmp
  3. pkg install unbound ca_root_nss
  4. fetch
  5. fetch
  6. sed -i -e '/^UNBOUND_HOST=/ s/\/usr\/sbin\/unbound-host/\/usr\/local\/sbin\/unbound-host/' hbsd-update
  7. fetch
  8. fetch
  9. mv hbsd-update /usr/sbin
  10. chmod +x /usr/sbin/hbsd-update
  11. mv hbsd-update.conf /etc
  12. mkdir -p /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted
  13. mv /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted
  14. mv dnssec.key-2016-07-30 /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted
  15. ln -s /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted/ /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted/5905e1b4.0
  16. ln -s /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted/dnssec.key-2016-07-30 /usr/share/keys/hbsd-update/trusted/dnssec.key
  17. hbsd-update && reboot

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